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I believe it's possible to RECOVER, REBUILD AND reinvent yourself from the dissapointment of a Relationship or marriage break-down.

Hi... I am Mantombi, I am so glad you stopped by.
This is a safe space for high-achieving single moms to heal and stop the cycle of failing relationships, 
 so they can be ready to find true love again.

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A 10-week Coaching Program For Dynamic High Achieving Single Moms Looking To Reinvent, Heal And Date With Confidence.
Learn how to successfully navigate the  dating  world and position yourself to attract the right  relationship for you!
I will walk you through the process of healing old hurts and  negative belief systems in order to clear the way to love again. 

I believe God wants every woman including Single Moms to thrive and win in every single area of our lives. In our spiritual walk, health, wealth and in relationships.

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success stories

Njhakeni Nghalalume:

In her book Mantombi reminds us that:
It’s never too late, don’t give up, don’t settle and keep your chin up and keep your faith in God. It is very easy to dismiss a book like this one as just a book for single moms. It’s not (in Elsa’s voice) it’s for each woman young and old. We all owe it to ourselves and to God to constantly reassess and realign our lives to His purpose for our lives. I was encouraged to take a break and reassess where I’m at with God and my children.


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