Mantombi Makhubele

a former journalist, 
now author and Relationship reinvention strategist for Dyanamic high achieving single moms.

She is the  former journalist and columnist for the Sunday Independent and the Sunday Times newspapers

Her recently published memoir Lets Have Some Tea: A single Moms Conversation explores what it’s like to be a modern day single mom through the subjects of healing from past relationship trauma and navigating the world of dating and relationships.

The self published memoir has been featured in the Sunday Independent, The Citizen Parenty, 1life Insurance Careers Magazine, Limpopo News and Rainbow FM.

Her passion is to create safe place for single moms to heal and thrive in life and to have the tools to reinvent themselves and create fulfilling relationships.

As a mother of two daughters who are both studying at Wits University. She has always had cherished a dream to help single moms in their journey to spiritual and emotional fulfilment through open and frank conversations, support and empowerment.

She holds a Masters Degree in journalism from the London School of Communications and is currently completing her Christian Ministry qualification at the Johannesburg Bible College.

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At 25, I was an unemployed, divorced with no qualification and no house or car. Both my girls were under three. But within three years I was working for the biggest newspaper in South Africa, the Sunday Times. I had a Diploma, an apartment and a car. 

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