A 10 week program for single moms looking to reinvent themselves,
 so they can heal, grow and build fulfilling relationships

  This Coaching Program Is For You If:

You have been through a divorce or through a relationship break-up.
  You  desire true love and companionship yet you have given up on relationships and dating.
You want to learn how to date with confidence while being a responsible mom. 
You want to save or improve your relationship or marriage.
 You are looking for a safe, private and supportive environment to heal. 

Healed and Whole Coaching program

hi, I'm Mantombi

I know what it feels like to struggle from one relationship to the next. I understand the frustration and the embarrassment that follows a relationship break-down.

Dating over 40 is not easy, I have been there, and I know how it feels.  If I were to be honest with you, I am humble enough to recognize that my life is a miracle.  Finding true love is the most beautiful thing in the world.
God wants to heal and restore our lives if we are willing to give him a chance to prepare our heart for another beautiful love story.

Through my 17 year journey of healing, being a single mom and figuring out dating, I finally noticed a change in the kind of men I was attracting.
This led me to realize that it is possible to stop the cycle of failing relationships and to find true love again.

My mission is to teach women, particularly single moms, how to reinvent their lives so they can attract a healthy and supportive relationship which leads to marriage.
I want to help other women  to never spend as much time as I  did getting to a place where they are emotionally ready to find love again.

The healed and whole program takes place in a private, safe and supportive environment, scheduled around your lifestyle, to facilitate real healing and stop the cycle of failing relationships. This is  where you will reinvent yourself and build a roadmap for dating that leads to a successful marriage and blended family.       

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A Safe Place For High-Achieving Moms To Heal 

You Will Attract An Amazing, Fulfilling And Supportive Relationship

Reinvent Yourself And start Living From Your Core Values

You will Live  A Juicy, Happy And Purposeful Life

A personal Tailor-made dating framework 


session 1: Clarity & Re-alignment

Let’s talk about where you are in life and how you got here. Tell me your life story. We will clarify your goals for the coaching program. And how I can help you.

session 2: Healing

In order for the new to come in we have to take out the old through a customized healing program to address your specific arears of growth and mindset shifts.

session 3: Vision Mapping

This is where all the fun begins. We develop your own personal plan for navigating their dating process, ie your personal dating framework. I will help you to become self-aware and guide you to get out of your own way of attracting your soulmate. How to heal your self-esteem and date with confidence. 

session 4: Relationships

Getting your life in alignment. Map out a vision for yourself and your family in order to see the possibilities you have been overlooking  in your life and how to align your values with your goals so that you start living from your core values vs living from your accomplishments. ( car, house, job)

A Structured Framework For Walking Through Your Healing. 
12 Weeks Of Guided Reinvention Strategy And Support.
4x two-hour intensive one on one Sessions. 
Exclusive  Course Material. 
Guided Exercises & Journaling Assignments. 
Flexible schedule.

Program features

but also, these Fabulous bonuses:

weekly one hour zoom sisterhood catch-up

Meet other mommies  for a quick weekly de-brief, support structure or an opportunity to discuss questions about your homework and get other inputs.

Intimate High tea graduation Party

A small intimate day of fun and fabulousity. 
After 10 weeks of intense work.  This will be time for the class of 10 ladies to dress up and have some tea and cake.
We will have an inspirational guest speaker, enjoy good food as we set off into the dating world with tools and renewed confidence and the right self-esteem to build extraordinary lives and relationships.

 applications for the healed and whole coaching program close on the 15th  of december 2020 and there are only 10 spots available. 

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My coaching Approach


We’ll go through all these sessions and you realize we haven’t even talked about finding a man yet! Because it's deeper than that.

This is a Christian-centric dating approach.  

I don’t teach you how to fish for men.
I want you to have such a juicy life that you don’t even have to fish but the fish will  jump into your boat wanting to be a part of your beautiful life and family; such a juicy life that you attract the fish, the money and everything you want!!!


It is my mission to deliver the best possible experience in this program and create the ideal environment for healing and personal growth

That is why there is an interview process and why it is important to me that every woman who attends has been specifically chosen to be a part of each program. 
Why? Because I know why each person is coming on board, and I can be certain that everything we do will be directly relevant to your needs and desires.
My Program is not for everyone.

I’m looking for women who are ready for a personal transformation and are committed to making change happen alongside me during the program.

If this sounds like you, then click the link below to apply. 

Blessings and hugs , I hope to see you very soon in the program! 

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let me help you Redifine how your story ends.
the are only 10 spots available and applications close soon.

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